by Victor D. Torres

As we proceed through the winter season, we are pleased to continue to welcome back dozens of our sisters and brothers who have recently been recalled back to work including some of our members who work in the parking/transportation services at the San Diego International Airport. Many of our represented work groups which are tied in with tourism have at least partially reopened which is good news for those members who have made working in those industries their life’s work.

We will continue to monitor further announcements from the Airport Authority on expanded operations and accordingly maintain our communications with membership groups who are still struggling.

It is our primary mission to ensure that none of our members or their families go without food, get evicted from their homes or have their power, heating/cooling or water shut off.

If you find yourself in a dire situation where you are struggling with any of these circumstances, there is information on resources concerning unemployment, food distribution, rent/mortgage and utility bill assistance that may be available to our members. Visit our website for access to information we have put together. Members can also call our office and we can provide them with this information.

We are doing the best we can to provide referrals and assistance to any of our members who are struggling with reduced hours, furloughed status, or layoffs. This type of commitment to provide our members with these types of services will continue from Local 481 until this pandemic is completely over.

We appreciate your continued patience and understanding as our internal operations have also been impacted. You have been gracious and we appreciate your support as we continue to navigate through this situation and adjust.

We will get through this together. `

Distribution of the booklet version of the Ace “main” contract has started. If you have not received yours yet, you can contact the Ace Parking Member Services Department to make arrangements to obtain one or call our office and we can send you one.

Distribution of the SP-Plus Aladdin Garage location contract booklet has been completed. If you did not receive your copy, call our office and we can send you one.

At SP-Plus (Airport Car Rental Transportation), the CBA was recently negotiated and ratified by the workgroup. The CBA document is in the review process by both parties and once signatures have been obtained, booklet versions will be printed and distributed to the members. Congratulations to the membership including our negotiating committee members Guillermo Ramos and Pablo Estrada for their participation and important input.

On the political front, last year the PRO Act (H.R. 842), passed in the House of Representatives. This bill would level the playing field for unions to organize new units and would be the most expansive labor relations legislation since the National Labor Relations Act of 1935. Please contact your US Senators (Diane Feinstein (619) 231-9712 and Alex Padilla (619) 239-3884) and let them know how important the PRO Act is for working families and that you expect them to support its passage.